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  • Total capacity is more then 20.000 m2
  • Storage locations: Prague - Ruzyně, Prague - Jažlovice,
  • We can also provide storage for hazardous goods at our terminals
  • There are a variety of storage rooms to meet all our clients needs, including the activity variances during the year
  • Possibility of storage in customs warehouses
  • Most of the storage locations are accessible by railway, we also offer loading and reloading of goods

  • Added services
  • Labelling
  • Sorage, packing
  • Assembly
  • Prefabricated and advanced-sale assembly
  • Logistics consultancy and analysis of customer’s needs

  • Software solutions
  • Registration in the storage SW
  • On-line connection and completion with the customer’s SW
  • On-line connection into WMS via internet, mobile phone and iphone
  • Automatic checks of FIFO, LIFO, etc. …