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Celní služby

    Customs Services
  • Issuing customs documents (JSD, T etc.) into all customs regimes
  • Representation in customs proceedings
  • Securing customs debt in all customs regimes
  • Issuing the certificate of origin EUR.1 and the status of goods ATR
  • Filling the TIR and ATA Carnets
  • Utilization of simplified processes in customs proceedings with electronic data interchange
  • Possibility of setting up the customs warehouses
  • Storage in customs warehouses and management of customs warehouses

  • Intrastat
  • Complete processing and sending out of the statistical report on intra-Community trade within the EU
  • Registration with a customs authority
  • Representation in front of state authorities
  • Standard consultancy free of charge

  • Other Services
  • Suggestions and realization of the highest quality services that meet all customer demands
  • Consultancy activities regarding customs regulations of the EU during import and export of goods
  • Providing for legal services and legal representation in disputes with customs authorities


Intrastat is a system of collection of data for monitoring movement of goods between EU Member States

Who is obliged to process INTRASTAT?

The entities have an obligation to process data for INTRASTAT if they exceed the so-called assimilation threshold

What is assimilation threshold?

Receiving of goods 8 million Czk/year
Sending of goods 8 million Czk/year